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An April Flower Posy . Fishpond Maintenance and a Bamboo Screen

It was the beginning of February when I last posted pictures of a posy of flowers.  There was nothing to see in March, zilch, nada, nowt.  But April, well, that's a different story - suddenly the garden is full of colour - albeit, only from spring bulbs - but at least it's something.

Here is a selection of what is in flower at the moment, narcissus of all shapes and sizes, some with fragrance some not.  Tulips are starting to open and the Grape Hyacinths are coming into their own.

I am enamoured by spring flowers both in the garden and in posies in the house, they are so precious because I have waited so long for them to appear.  They lend such cheer to the garden shining out against the fresh green of the grass and foliage.

The miniature Minnow is a particular favourite, such delicate pale lemon petals, two or three flower heads on one stalk.  Exquisitely simple and beautiful.

These are a fragrant, multi-petalled type, called Bridal Bouquet their heads hang for the sheer wei…

A New Lavender Hedge . Replacement Plants . The Heron Saga

Spring has finally arrived, and suddenly everyone has something to blog about.  At this time of year I just can't keep up with commenting and reading other people's posts, they are coming thick and fast, so I apologise if I haven't been able to visit you recently.  There is just so much to do in the garden and greenhouse which has been limiting my computer time quite considerably. Now if only the gales we have been having would go back to where they came from I would really like to get on with organising the garden.

I mentioned last week that my Lavender was looking the worse for wear after the harsh winter so I decided, in the end, to replace it with new plants.  Homebase were selling 3 for £9 - healthy looking and bushy, so I bought two lots.  I have put them in a new position and they look so much better than the scraggy old ones.

I lost quite a few plants over winter so I have replaced those too.

It seems that the plants fared better that disappeared underground - tho…

An unwanted garden visitor . Chionodoxa and Lots of Seed Sowing

Nothing much has changed in the garden since my last post despite the weather warming up a little.  A few more miniature daffodils have opened but still no sign of the proper ones - they are still tightly in bud and refuse to open.

 But, there is one glimmer of new life

The Chionodoxa have decided to flower I love this colour blue.  The Crocus are still blooming away

I have never known them flower for this long, even the Snowdrops are still flowering, although I didn't bother to take a picture of them as they are old hat now.

The Primmys are still going strong too.  I am just grateful for anything showing a bit of colour at the moment.

I have also been sowing flower seed in the greenhouse Marigolds, Cornflowers and wild flowers etc. really looking forward to filling the flower beds and seeing the results - praying for a good summer. One sad thing is that the Lavender bushes don't seem to have survived the prolonged cold and snow. 

As you can see they are in a sorry state - I…

The Sad and Sorry State of the Rosebank Garden in April . Spring Cleaning and a Hidden Surprise

My garden hasn't taken kindly to the icey blasts of wind and blizzards this spring.  One or two brave plants have put out expectant buds but others have succumbed to the cold weather and I am not sure whether they will survive in their wait for more warmer weather.

There is still very little to show in the garden - everything has been on hold for so long - just waiting for its chance to shine.

The spring borders which would, in a normal year, be full of colour, are struggling.

Everything is dried up and the soil is barren.

Only the evergreen plants are hanging on to their foliage - sadly some look the worse for wear - like the cotoneaster tree in the front garden, whose evergreen leaves are burnt, as you can see from the photo below.  The leaves are sparse and it doesn't look very healthy at all

The leaves have been scattered all over the lawn and onto the borders
I really hope it isn't damaged irrevocably as the birds feast on the berries all winter.

You can see the grou…